Research & Publications

Hoare, A., & Hu, J. Faculty perceptions of ESL students’ academic, linguistic, and cultural preparedness and effective teaching practices. In L.T. Wong and J. Aditi (Eds.),English language education in a global world: Practices, issues and challenges. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

This chapter reports on a research study concerning faculty perceptions of English-as-a-second-language (ESL) students’ linguistic and cultural preparedness for academic studies at a Canadian university. It considers implications for current teaching practices and recommends ways in which academic faculty and the institution can better support ESL students. The research questions were: (a) How do teachers in the undergraduate programs perceive the linguistic and cultural preparedness of ESL students in their courses? (b) What are effective teaching practices instructors can employ in the academic programs to support ESL students? and (c) What are the factors involved in the success of ESL students in their undergraduate courses?
Based on the study results, we offer implications for teaching and provide recommendations to improve the quality of instruction around the following themes: online resources (e.g., Moodle for courses); communication and relationship-building (e.g., group work, marks for participation, and office hour conferencing); time constraints; language and cultural support services; and admission requirements. Furthermore, we suggest ways to improve policy and practice in institutional and faculty development.

Keywords: academic literacy, ESL students, faculty perceptions



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