Why WordPress makes me want to cry

As I’ve said before, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. My bestie is my biggest champion but never shies away from giving me a reality check. When describing my personality today she said:

“You are like me….but, 100x me in every way… <smarter<better athlete<better body<harder worker<cares more about life <masters degree <bigger stress case <more will power <more more more more” – Kpups

What she meant to say was:

a) I am too much

b) I go too far

c) I am either aaaallll the way ON or aaallll the way OFF

d) all of the above

I like to throw myself at projects. So much so that I become emotionally invested. I’m also the kind of person that gets sad rather than mad. Technically, these emotions are one in the same for this firecracker #notyourtypicalginger

Things that would normally make someone mad instead make me want to ugly-face cry and nap for an hour.

Honesty Intermission: There are a few things in life that make me mad. Like, angry, passive-aggressive, “I’m ignoring you for eternity now” mad. Just kidding…

OK. So learning how to use WordPress has been a fun process. For the most part, it’s been pretty intuitive. Just like using a Word doc, i.e. type what you want to say, add some italics for emPHAsis, finish with a period.

But, sometimes, WP makes you want to smash your face into the computer screen while you sob into your mouse pad. Just kidding, there’s no budget for mouse pads in the tin.


found on gifrific

Today, for example, I was admiring all of the links I had created for a big project we’re working on at the Centre #hubcity when I realized that all of the links were redirecting themselves “intelligently” to wherever they wanted to go; thus, creating a wild jungle of pages in no man’s land. Realizing the mindless hours it would take to re-navigate the links wiped me of every single ounce of energy I had. I went from perky Engagement Coordinator to Hunchback of NoTRUdame faster than you can say “Computers are smarter than humans.”

Fortunately, I remembered the wise words of CogDog and B-Lamb – I know what you’re thinking, but No, they are not rappers –


They said “Don’t spend more than 20 minutes fighting with WP before asking for help.”

And so I did. I asked for help. OK. Honestly. I cried for “Help!”

Let me walk you through the paper trail:

Me: Hi team, I am busy adding module 2 buyer and seller to the MOVE website and am realizing that I’ve created a wild jungle of pages! As I’m going back and following the flow, the links are redirecting to different pages with similar names… I have created parent and child pages which I thought would limit the confusion but, somehow, wordpress is changing the links. I’m sure it’s my error but, please, can you help me before I make a bigger mess of it!

Team: When you move pages into a child, their URL changes. Something that was at the top when moved to be child becomes a url. If you linked from the menu or the widget, WordPress will be able to find the URL, but any manually entered links will need to be updated. What you are seeing is what WordPress does when it cannot find a page, it finds the one closest in name, which is not always what you want. This is why I try to get people to think about the structure before making content; but until you have had this experience, you end up learning the hard way. So you may need to create a text document that has all the pages like an outline and has their correct URLs, and do manual updates to any links in the body of a post.

Me: Lesson learned.

Sidebar: Yes, I actually understood every word of that fixit tip. #URL #childpage #widget #techspeak #justbreathe




3 thoughts on “Why WordPress makes me want to cry

  1. Speaking on half of my Goat Rapping pal, we are damn proud of how much you’ve done in a short while. I’ve seen people take a year to where you’ve gotten to in a few weeks.

    Yeah, the tech mistakes can knock you down, but then you will find yourself bouncing back yourself, and dancing victoriously to the goat beat.

    Don;t let a measly piece of software or web site beat you down, ever.


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