Sardine Studio

So, I decided to lease a studio apartment in the brand new Summit Village Residences. Basically, I’ve leased a second tin. #myveryownsardinecan #whenworkandpleasurecollide #worklifebalance

Now, this blog post isn’t for you at all so don’t get excited thinking I’m going to blow you away with more witty gifs and satire.

Instead, I’m using this medium as a place to store all of my studio tin decorating ideas. WordPressPinterest© 


Here’s the general layout of the tin. If you check the specs you’ll notice it’s almost exactly the same size as the original Sardine Can.

That white double line on the far side of the bedroom is a half wall; kind of like a dutch door. Which means zero privacy. Unless… I drape a curtain down from the ceiling. None of this airy, fairy gauze though. I’m looking for a stout grey or red velvet… 


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enhanced-buzz-31916-1409265904-14Want to know what’s the worst thing about SVR? No pets allowed. #aalllllbymyseeeelf
The space is so tiny that I don’t have room for a kitchen table. Let me explain, see, I don’t think you could classify the space as a “kitchen” but rather a “kitch” (definition: a hallway of appliances). But, here’s a cool solution #sohip

enhanced-buzz-24361-1409339602-8No pets? No problem. I’ll decorate and purify with my three companions: English Ivy, Ficus, and Rubber Plant… hmmm… maybe less is more.

All indoors plants (flowering or not) are able to purify indoor air to some degree through their normal photosynthesis processes. But some were found to be more beneficial than others in removing harmful household toxins, even removing 90% of chemicals in the air in only twenty-four hours!

The studio has soft brown laminate flooring. To cozy-up the space I want two area rugs. I like clean lines but, the furniture I have is all dark chocolate browns so a pop of colour would be nice. Blue is my favourite colour… I need a pop of blue, please.


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An added bonus to living in a sardine can is the “quaint” bathroom tucked in the corner. #washcloset #heavyonthecloset To save some space while staying on trend, this ladder-rack is on point.

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One thought on “Sardine Studio

  1. It’s the perfect design challenge, being creative within constraints. No challenge arranging a Sardine Warehouse. If you want to go really sardine check out the world of Tiny Houses.

    Hopefully your deck has a great view.


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