My thought process when writing a post

For me, blog posts are like hot potatoes. I don’t want to hang onto an idea for too long. The longer I hang on to it one of two things happens: 1) I overthink it and agonize over every detail, or 2) I get bored with it and could(n’t?) care less.

I typically spend 1 – 2 hours on a post before sending it out into the wild world of internets. Once it’s out there, I’ll usually look at it 50 times throughout the day; likely, making several minor tweaks. After that, I say ‘goodbye’ and move on.

I realize that I’ll make mistakes, sound like an idiot, contradict myself… but, I’m not too concerned with any of that. I spent two years picking a part my thesis. I kid you not, I shed tears over the use of past and present tense verbs, passive voice, indents, and referencing. It pained me to delete participants’ comments and I lost sleep over pie charts and bar graphs.

Today, I grant myself a little kindness by allowing myself the following artistic flex:


One thought on “My thought process when writing a post

  1. It’s great to read your approach, it’s one I resonate with. I know people that leave posts in draft for days, weeks, even years.

    I get a partial idea for a post, and it sits there like that hot potato in oil with the burner on high, and I will not rest until I hit publish. I’ve mulled over something in my head maybe for days, sometimes just shrugging them off with a “meh”. Some of my personal favorites are ones that were mostly thought out before I even hit the keyboard, like drafting in my brain.

    But mostly importantly is that we all have our own approaches, mine not for you, yours not for me. And we are free to shift.

    Like you, I prefer to get a post out in one session; be it 20 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. It’s rare I let one simmer in the Draft bin.

    Nice to see your meme attributions!


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